Watchdog Oxygen Analyzer

The WATCHDOG is an advanced Trace or Percent Oxygen Analyzer designed to include all the essential features and deliver a high level of accuracy and reliability for sheltered installations in  Class 1, Div. 2 areas at a lower price point.


  • The patented ELIMINATOR CELL BLOCK provides a unique, compact sample system approach and a flow- efficient sensor pocket machined into a solid metallic block. Precision cross-drilled intersecting gas passages eliminate the need for long lengths of tubing and leak-prone compression fittings. Additionally, a uniquely engineered 3-way selector valve, a metering valve, and a flow meter are all integrated into the ELIMINATOR CELL BLOCK.
  • AMI’s patented oxygen sensors deliver unmatched performance for ultra-fast response times, accuracy, and reliability. Every sensor undergoes an intense battery of tests to ensure they meet our strict quality control standards. Our trace and percent oxygen sensors operate safely, accurately, and reliably in inert or flammable gas streams even when containing high levels of H2S, up to 500 ppm H2S, for their entire warranted life. This eliminates installing a maintenance-intensive H2S scrubber that competitive oxygen analyzers require.
Weight : 2.72 Kg
Mounting : Wall Mount or 2.0” Pipe
Gas Connections : ¼” 316 S.S. Compression fittings


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