Z–10–D–IN RS485 Modbus Module 10 Digital Inputs

The Z-10-D-IN module acquires 10 single-ended digital signals, then converts them to a digital format (IN 1-10 state).

The supported communication protocol is Modbus RTU.

The following counters are available:

All 10 counters are in 32 bits format (backupped on a Not volatile RAM)

For all 10 inputs TON/TOFF/Frequency measures are available.


Acquisition of digital signals from sensor: Reed, NPN, PNP, Proximity, contact, etc…

Counters are saved to a non volatile memory (NVM FeRAM) Input signals can be filtered 32 bits Pulse counters for digital signals, with max frequency < 2500 Hz

Measure of Frequency / Period / Ton and Toff Advanced pulse management for digital signals Up to 10 sensors power by internal supply voltage (Vaux=16V) Node address and baud-rate configurable from Dip-Switches RS485 serial communication with MODBUS-RTU protocol
Input Number : 10 Input filter : Cut-off frequency configurable Filter : Configurable Protection : This module provides inputs and power supply (Vaux) protection against the overvoltage surge transient by transient suppressor TVS (600W/ms)


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