Z-4TC 4-CH Thermocouple /MV Input Module / RS485 Modbus RTU

The Z-4TC module acquires up to 4 single-ended signals (voltage-type, from the: signal generator or thermocouple) and it converts them to a digital format using the Modbus RTU Protocol. A double serial interface (RS232 or RS485) it’s also available (Modbus RTU protocol).


  • Internal Cold Junction compensation
  • Easy configurable by free configuration software ”Easy Setup”
  • RS485 serial communication with MODBUS-RTU protocol, maximum 32 nodes.
  • RS232 serial communication with Modbus RTU protocol for registers access and configuration
  • Measuring mode Thermocouples or Voltage
  • Configuration of a filter applied to each input signal
  • Possibility to disable the automatic detection of thermocouple interruptions (to decrease the measure error of the acquired signals from the thermocouples)
  • Possibility to add/remove the module to/from RS485-bus without disconnecting the communication or power supply
  • Easy-wiring of power supply and serial bus by means of the bus housed in the DIN rail.

Output Number

: 4


: 16 bits (15+1 sign)

Configurable between

: 0(no filter is applied), from 1(min) to 6(max) Accuracy


: 0.1% of E.E.S.(Electrical End Scale)


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