Z-5DI2-DO 7-CH, 5 Digital Inputs, 2 Digital Outputs Module, RS485 – Modbus RTU

Z-5DI-2DO is a mixed digital module with Micro USB front port of programming, 5 digital inputs (Redd, Proximity, PNP, NPN, contact) selectable via software, nr.5 totalizers @ 32bit with maximum frequency 5 kHz and settable forwards or backwards, nr.2 SPST relay outputs 2 A 250 Vac NO / NC type selectable via jumper. All totalizers are stored in non-volatile memory (FeRAM).


  • NR 5 opto-insulation digital inputs with a common contact. Internal or external, NPN (sink) or PNP (source) selectable by software.
  • Insulation of the 1500 Vac inputs complying with respect to the remaining low voltage circuits.
  • NR 2 SPST relay outputs with common contact, capacity of 2 AAC1 250 Vac.
  • 3 kVac insulation between the outputs and the remaining low voltage circuits.
  • Inputs with 32 bit totalizers, max frequency 5 KHz.
  • Measure of the period, frequency, TON, TOFF. Max frequency 5KHz.
  • Possibility to set the totalizers for counting forward or backward
  • All the totalizers are saved in a non-volatile memory (Fe-RAM).
Refer to the datasheet for more details.


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