Z-D-IO 8-CH, 6 digital input – 2 digital outputs control module / RS485

Z-D-IO has N.6 digital inputs, N.2 SPST relays, capacity of 2Aac, 250 Vac. It can be used as simple Input/Output module or, through dip-switches, is possible to acticate special functions to drive motors, pneumatic and motorised valves.The module is ModBUS Slave and can be coupled with any ModBUS Master device. A 3-way galvanic isolation among Power supply // output // RS485 circuits assures the integrity of your datas.


It is possible to add/remove the module to/from RS485-bus without disconnecting the communication or power supply.

It is possible to switch automatically RS485 to RS232 or vice versa.

It is possible to choose the Z-D-IO functioning modality by Dip-Switches. Internal logic to control the motors, pneumatic valve, motorized valve. Configuration of the module (node) address and baud-rate by Dip-Switches.
Power supply : 10-40 Vdc / 19-28 Vac / 50-60 Hz Power consumption : 2,5 W Isolation : 1.500 Vac (3 way) Power transducers  : Yes Status Indicators : Power supply, error, data transmission, data reception, input status Protection Degree : IP20 Protocol : ModBUS RTU slave


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