Z-KEY is a device that can extend networks and allow the transfer of process data between different levels of IT and industrial communication architecture. Z-KEY guarantees signals transmission between ModBUS TCP-IP / ModBUS RTU in different modes, increasing the number of connected nodes and network distances.

The device can also extend the serial network operating as a transparent Remote virtual COM to the serial communication protocol.


  • Equipped with nr.1 10/100 Tx Fast Ethernet port and nr. 2 serial ports (RS232 / RS485, RS485), Z-KEY offers multiple methods of configuration through DIP-switches, web server and software tools such as SDD (Seneca Discovery Device), SESC (Seneca Ethernet to Serial Connection), EASY Z-KEY.
  • Z-KEY advanced functions include supporting Iot Server «Cloud BOX», advanced serial diagnostics, «Quarantine» mode with time settable for “in fail” devices.

Power supply

: 10..40 Vdc; 19..28 Vac

Power consumption

: 2 W @ 24 Vac (typical)


: 1,5 kVac

LED status

: Indicators Power supply, Rx-Tx serial communication, Ethernet link and traffic

Protection degree 

: IP20


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