ZC-16DI-8DO 16-CH digital input, 8-CH digital output CANopen – MODBUS module

Acquires 16 single-ended digital signals, it converts them to a digital format (IN 1-16 state) and it counts the input-pulse number (pulse counter for IN 1-8).

Controls 8 digital outputs (OUT1-OUT8), each of them (by MOSFET) actives/deactivates a output load. Z-PC line is a complete line of I/O modules with CANopen standard interface that does not require any couplers, controllers, or repeaters. All modules have an integrated interface with CANopen communication, speeds up to 1 Mbps, and they are ideal for acquisition and control signals for system and machines where the distance between signals plays a key role. Z-PC line CANopen modules can be integrated with third parts configurators and master controllers / network managers, even on board existing machines and installations.


  • Acquisition of digital signals from sensor: reed, NPN, PNP, proximity, contact, etc…
  • Configuration of a filter applied to input signals IN1-IN8 (noise filter) to attenuate the noise overlapped to the digital signals
  • Pulse counters for digital signals IN1-IN8, with max frequency equal to 10kHz, 32bit-registers
  • Advanced management of the pulse counters for digital signals IN1-IN8 (for each pulse counter: overflow, preset value and reset/preset command are available).
  • Power of 16 sensors using internal supply voltage (Vaux=16V)
  • It is possible to manage the output state if the interval time of RS485-bus communication failure is greater than a configurable time (up to 25.5sec): output is kept at the previous value or output is overwritten on register.
  • It is possible to switch automatically RS485 to RS232 or vice versa
  • CAN interface with CANOpen protocol: max 1Mbps
Power supply : 10-40 Vdc / 19-28 Vac
Power Consumption : 2.5 W
Isolation : 1.5 kVac (3 way)
Operating temperature : -20 to +50°C
Protection degree : IP20


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