The ZC-24DI module acquires 24 single-ended digital signals, it converts them to a digital format (IN 1-24 state) and it counts the input-pulse number (pulse counter for IN 1-8).


Acquisition of digital signals from sensor: reed, NPN, PNP, proximity, contact, etc.

Configuration of a filter applied to input signals IN1-IN8 (noise filter) to attenuate the noise overlapped to the digital signals.

Pulse counters for digital signals IN1-IN8, with max frequency equal to 10kHz, 32bit-registers.

Advanced management of the pulse counters for digital signals IN1-IN8 (for each pulse counter: overflow, preset value and reset/preset command are available).

Power of 24 sensors using internal supply voltage (Vaux=16V). It is possible to configure the module (node) address and baud-rate by Dip-Switches. It is possible to add/remove the module to/from RS485-bus without disconnecting the communication or power supply. It is possible to switch automatically RS485 to RS232 or vice versa. CAN interface with CANOpen protocol: max 1Mbps.
Type  : Polarity (EN 61131 – 2 type 2): sink (pnp) RS485 interface : IDC10 connector for DIN 46277 rail (back-side panel) Supply voltage : 10 – 40 Vdc or 19 – 28 Vac ( 50Hz - 60Hz) Power consumption : Typical: 1.5W; Max: 2.5W Switching delay Typical : 1.2ms; max: 3ms Adsorbed current : 3mA (for each input)


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