Zero Air Generator

Axis Zero Air Generator produces purified air at a different rate. ZAG removes CO, CO2, NOx, SOx, water vapor, VOCs, acid vapors, O3,
NH3, chlorine, and dust. This unit is self-contained in a convenient, lightweight. ZAG converts Atmospheric air into clean air, suitable for instrument

Zero Air Generator reduces all the inconveniences and costs of cylinder gas supplies and dependence on outside vendors. ZAG offers long-term product stability.

Axis brings you the Zero Air Generator Unit to meet diverse and exacting demands which run trouble-free for 24 x 7 days in the laboratory, Refinery, and
Petrochemical Industries where it can provide reference gas in various application like Gas Chromatography, FID, Ambient air monitoring system, etc.


  • Stand-Alone unit
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Zero Noise & vibration
  • Eliminate inconvenient and dangerous zero-air cylinders
  • Zero air at a high flow rate
  • Compact & rugged
  • 100 % tested
  • Produce high-purity air
  • Easy to use & quick install
  • Long lasting scrubber
  • Identification of scrubber life by color change

Mounting : Self standing / wall mount
Sample : Air
Housing : MS CRCA powder coated
Dimension : 530 (W) x 350 (H) x 270 (D) mm
Weight : 12 kg approx.


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