Choose “The Right H2S Analyzer”​

AMI H2S Analyzer

H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide) is a naturally occurring gas. We can found it in crude oil, natural gas, volcanic gases & hot springs. H2S can be generated by the bacterial breakdown of organic matter, i.e. municipal wastewater processing, manufacturing and industrial processes.

H2S can be toxic to humans, corrosive to metals & flammable. Exceeding100 ppm atmospheric concentrations is harmful to human health while lower concentrations can irritate. For the personnel safety & for the integrity of industrial process equipment, infrastructure, and pipelines, H2S level measurement is vital.

Choosing right H2S analyser involves many factors. Many options are available in the market and this article with help you to choose “the Right H2S Analyzer”

Let’s Talk about Different type of H2S analyzers first.

FTIR Analyzer are some of the most accurate H2S analyzers. They use infrared light to measure the amount of H2S in a sample. 

Chemiluminescence Analyzer use a chemical reaction to measure the amount of H2S in a sample.

Electrochemical Analyzer use an electrolytic cell to measure the concentration of the gas by an oxidation reaction of the H2S that generates a current flow proportional to the gas concentration.

Lead Acetate tape Analyzer utilizes lead acetate-coated tape to detect the presence of H2S in a gas sample.

TDL analyzer works on Tunable Diode Laser absorption spectroscopy. Light is emitted at a particular wavelength and absorption by the sample is measured.

Sulfur Selective Electrodes are one of the most popular H2S analyzers. They are very accurate and can measure low levels of H2S.

UV Analyzer are based on the absorbance property of SO2. H2S is converted to SO2 and absorbs UV light. Measurement is done by wavelength difference of UV light absorbed to emit.

How to Select “the Right H2S Analyzer”

  1. Check the measuring requirement of H2S concentration to select right measuring range. Some H2S analyzers only measure low levels of H2S, while others can measure higher levels.
  2. Sample temperature need to be checked and if required, you need to condition your samples as per H2S analyzers specification.
  3. You have to choose H2S analyzers according to Phase of measurement i.e. Liquid or Gas
  4. Where you need to place your analyser. You have to keep in mind the required infrastructure i.e. sun shade roof, air conditioned panel, shelter, cabinet. Check the ambient operating temperature of H2S analyser while selection.
  5. The accuracy of the analyzer differs from the selected operating principle. Some H2S analyzers are more accurate than others. Choose wisely as per your application and process requirements. That helps you to cut the unnecessary cost of high accurate H2S Analyzers.
  6. Keep in mind about Other Features like such as communication, self-diagnostics, etc.

What are the Benefits of an H2S Analyzer

  1.  Increased Safety: H2S is a dangerous gas and difficult to detect without the proper apparatus. An H2S analyzer can help you to monitor hydrogen sulfide levels so that you can take steps to reduce exposure and keep your environment safe. Safety of personnel is the utmost thing.
  2.  Increased productivity: H2S measurement and monitoring can help you to change your processes to reduce exposure and enhance safety. Thus it can lead to increased productivity and improved working conditions.
  3.  Cost Savings: By monitoring H2S levels, you can avoid costly repairs and breakdowns.

There are many factors like Cost, accuracy, sensitivity etc. are the essential factors to keep in mind. Researching and consulting with an expert can help you choose “the right H2S analyser”.

AMI (Advanced Micro Instruments Inc.) is the Original End Manufacturer of H2S analyser, O2 (Oxygen) analyzer and H2O (Moisture) Analyzer. AMI brings together patented technologies, superior design and application expertise to deliver unmatched performance, reliability and ease of use.

Natural Gas, Biogas, Laboratories, Wastewater, Air separation, Aerospace, Cryogenic and Industrial Processing sectors are widely using AMI Analyzer

Axis Solutions Private Limited represents the AMI for the India and Middle East region. Ask our expert for the help to choose “the right H2S analyzer”.

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